OFFC – On Fire For Christ Youth Ministry


This ministry exists to reach the thousands of un-churched youth in our city for Christ. Our youth face many challenges that are unique to their diverse age groups. ICC’s youth ministry exists to DRAW teens to a special relationship with Christ, to OFFER their lives to Him, to BOND them with other Christians and to help them GROW in their faith, moving them to SERVE God.

Their future is our passion!
We believe every young person needs:

  • Encouragement to nurture a healthy, vibrant faith in God
    Examples of ongoing relationships with caring adults
    Establishment of safe places with structured activities during non-school hours
    Equipping with marketable skills
    Engaging opportunities to give back through community service

We have responded to the variety of today’s youth subcultures by creating a diversity of ministry models. A clear and compelling mission and a common set of core values unite us.

Our Mission

As members of the Christian community, we will communicate to youth the life-changing message of Jesus Christ, showing concern for their whole person, and challenging them to become His disciples.

Our Core Values

• We value prayer as the foundation for ministry success
Therefore, we promote individual and corporate prayer and we seek to develop prayer partners for all the staff and ministries of OFFC.

• We value effective, culturally relevant evangelism of teens
Therefore; we encourage creativity in our programming and strategies.

• We value
Therefore; we seek to give new believers opportunities to experience the benefits of church community.

• We value multiplying our efforts through trained volunteer staff.
Therefore, we equip others, providing quality training, supervision and support.

• We value responsible
stewardship of people, time, and money.
Therefore, we seek to match people’s gifts, vision, and passion with their responsibilities.
We hold staff accountable for stewardship of their time and resources. We practice living within our means, debt-free.

• We value innovation and excellence.
Therefore, we seek to listen to spiritual promptings, discern their merit and promote innovation as
we strive for excellence.

• We value partnering with churches and other Christian ministries.
Therefore, we share our strengths and ministry resources with others, endeavoring to work together in the common goal of responsible youth evangelism and discipleship.